Regulations regarding the award of the
"I know Bolesławiec"
tourist and sightseeing badge

Regulations regarding the award of the "I know Bolesławiec" tourist and sightseeing badge

I. General provisions

  1. The "I know Bolesławiec" badge (hereinafter OZB) is a regional tourist and sightseeing badge, established by the Bolesławiec City Commune in order to popularize the sightseeing, historical, natural and tourist values of Bolesławiec, one of the most beautiful cities on the Polish-Czech borderland.

  2. The aims of the badge include:

  1. encouraging tourists, and in particular the inhabitants of the Polish-Czech borderland, to get to know the beauty and tourist values of the city of Bolesławiec,

  2. popularization of tourism and active sightseeing in the region

  3. facilitating the planning of tours around Bolesławiec, both individual and organized.

5. The badge is established as part of the project "New Euroregional tourist products as a way to get to know each other" implemented by the City of Bolesławiec and the City of Hradek nad Nisou.

  1. In connection with the co-financing of the project from the European Union funds under the European Regional Development Fund and the state budget funds through the Euroregion Nysa, the first 200 OZB chronicles and badges will be given to tourists free of charge.

II. Terms and conditions for gaining OZB

  1. The badge can be gained by every tourist, however the minors can gain it only under the supervision of an adult.

  2. The badge can be gained throughout the year.

  3. The time for gaining OZB is not limited.

  4. The badge can be gained in parallel with other tourist and sightseeing badges during individual and group tours.

  5. The badge has one rank.

  6. OZB may be awarded as an honorary degree, without regard to the rules of the regulations, to people who distinguishably contributed to the development of tourism and sightseeing in Bolesławiec.

Examples of places to visit are presented in Appendix No. 1 to the Regulations

III. Verification and awarding of a badge

  1. The basis for OZB verification is an individually kept chronicle, which must contain basic personal data of the person gaining the badge, date of visit / trip, names of the visited sites and confirmation of their visit (optionally: stamp imprint from a given object, photo of the recipient against the object, admission ticket or certification with a stamp and signature of a member of the PTTK program staff - leader, instructor, guide).

  2. OZB chronicles, until free stocks (200 copies) run out, can be obtained at the tourist offices:

  1. Tourist Office in Bolesławiec, Rynek 19/21

  2. Tourist and Cultural Office in Bolesławiec, pl. J. Piłsudzkiego 1c

  3. Tourist Information Center in Hradek nad Nisou, Horní nám. 73

and in the selected objects:

  1. Museum of Ceramics in Bolesławiec, ul. M. Kutuzowa 14 and ul. A. Mickiewicza 13

  2. Termy Solankowe (Brine Baths) Bolesławiec, ul. Zgorzelecka 52

  1. After the distribution of all free copies, OZB chronicles will be available for a fee at the Tourist Office in Bolesławiec, Rynek 19/21.

  2. It is also allowed to keep documentation in the form of a personal chronicle, with the proviso that it must contain the information referred to in point 1, and the records must clearly show that the applicant for OZB personally visited the given object and met the regulatory requirements.

  3. The completed chronicle (meeting the regulatory requirements) should be submitted or sent to the address of the Tourist Office in Bolesławiec, Rynek 19/21, 59-700 Bolesławiec.

  4. The chronicles will be verified and the OZB will be awarded by the Verification Team operating at the Museum of Ceramics in Bolesławiec.

  5. The verified chronicle may be collected in person after prior arrangement with PIT (Tourist Office) in Bolesławiec, unless the participant attaches a return envelope with a registered letter stamp (correspondence verification).

  6. A positively verified chronicle entitles you to receive a diploma-ID card and OZB.

  7. In connection with the co-financing of the project from the European Union funds under the European Regional Development Fund and the state budget funds through the Euroregion the first 200 OZB winners receive it for free. When the free stocks run out, the badge awarded in accordance with the regulations will be payable. The badge can be purchased in person at PIT Bolesławiec, Rynek 19/21 or by post (fees shall be covered by the ordering party)

IV. Final provisions

  1. Participants take part in gaining the badge at their own expense, risk and responsibility for any damage or accidents that may occur while gaining the badge, the organizer is not responsible for any of the above.

  2. Submitting the chronicle for verification is tantamount to consenting to the processing of personal data necessary to keep the register of badge winners ( and correspondence data.

  3. The badge design is presented in Appendix No. 2 to the Regulations

  4. The interpretation of these regulations is up to the Verification Team.

  5. The Regulations enter into force on October 10, 2020.

Appendix No. 1

List of sample places to visit divided by groups

A. Monuments of Architecture:

Town Hall, Rynek 41

Town houses around the Old Town Market Square (Rynek)

Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Nicholas, ul. Kościelna 1a

Church of Our Lady of the Rosary, ul. Ceramiczna 1a

Church of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, pl. Zamkowy 1

Railway viaduct

Bolesławiec Baths - the former Municipal Bathing Facility, ul. Zgorzelecka 52

"Odeon" - former municipal concert hall, ul. B. Kubika 1

District Court - former junior high school, ul. Sądowa 1

The Old Theater - the city arsenal, ul. Teatralna 1

Railway station, ul. B. Chrobrego 1

Medieval defensive walls / city fortifications

Bolesławiec Commune Office - former Dominican monastery, ul. Teatralna 1a

Pückler Palace, ul. Zgorzelecka 28–29

Complex of Electronic Schools - former Royal Vocational School of Ceramics, ul. H. i W. Tyrankiewiczów 2

"Orzeł" Centre for Cultural Integration, ul. Chopina 17

Youth Culture Center, ul. Grunwaldzka 5

Weather station built in 1882, ul. B. Kubika

The Prachowski Gate - built in 1724, Market Square (Rynek).

B. Contemporary objects, places of recreation:

Termy Solankowe (Brine Baths) Bolesławiec, ul. Zgorzelecka 52

Plaza Viaduct Bolesławiec, ul. Wróblewskiego

OWR „Leśny Potok”, ul. Jeleniogórska

„Orka” Aqua Park, pl. Ks. J. Popiełuszki 1

Bolesławiec Cultural Center - International Center of Ceramics, pl. J. Piłsudskiego 1c

Municipal Public Library - Knowledge Centre, ul. Głowackiego 5

C. Museums and galleries:

Ceramics Museum - City History Department, ul. M. Kutuzowa 14

Ceramics Museum - Ceramics Department, ul. A. Mickiewicza 13

Live Museum of Ceramics, ul. Gdańska 30

BOK-MCC „W sam raz” Galleries , pl. Piłsudzkiego 1c

D. Monuments, places of national remembrance, commemorative plaques:

Kutuzov Monument, ul. B. Kubika

Monument to the Second Polish Army, Skwer Żołnierzy II Armii Wojska Polskiego (Square)

Monument to the Pioneers of Polish Copper, intersection of ul. Zygmunta Augusta and ul. Łasickiej

Monument to the 100th Anniversary of Regaining Independence, ul. Bankowa

Millennium Cross, ul. Lubańska

Jesus, friend of children” sculpture, pl. Zamkowy

Monument to the Settlers, pl. Wolności

A stone with a plaque commemorating Hubert Bonin, the scoutmaster, Park im. harcmistrza Huberta Bonina

The former seat of PUBP in Bolesławiec with prison cells, ul. Grunwaldzka 5

A stone commemorating the establishment of the sewage system, square at ul. Bankowa

E. Nature monuments, parks, paths:

Nature monuments:

"Aleja Przyleśna", pedunculate oaks: "Mostowy", "Drągal", "Bakałarz", "Kasztelan", "Bobrzanin"; "Jagna" - black poplar; "Pankracy"; "Krępy" - common hornbeam; "Mandaryn" - maidenhair tree; "Chochoł" - yew-tree; "Dagmara" - tilia platyphyllos; "Zdrawka" - Macedonian pine; "Dorotka" - black pine; glacial erratics: "Rajca", "Wiertaczy", "Kogut", "Dukat", "Smok", "Pielgrzym"

City planted areas

Park im. Harcmistrza Huberta Bonina

Park im. Obrońców Helu

Park at the Pückler Palace

Park at ul. Kosiby with the Jenny tower

The trail of natural scientists and garden architects

"Forest at ulica Piastów " educational trail

F. Hiking trails

The Napoleonic trail

The most important objects on the trail: tenement house at ul. Prusa 2 - the former "Pod Czarnym Orłem" hotel, Rynek 28 - the current "Agora" bookshop, Town Hall, eastern facade - a bas-relief depicting the capture of General le Brun by Rosalia von Bonin, a monument of Mikhail Kutuzov, the Field Marshal, Museum of Ceramics - the Town History Department ul. Kutuzowa 14, former Royal Orphanage - a complex of buildings at ul. Bankowa, the monument to Kutuzov at the military cemetery at ul. Gen. Augusta Emila Fieldorfa „Nila” 31.

The trail of medieval builders and gold miners

The view of the today's Bolesławiec is dominated by buildings related to the activities of medieval builders - the town hall, the church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Nicholas, the defensive walls, a monument commemorating the construction of water and sewage systems (year 1531).

Great Europeans in Bolesławiec

A city tour in the footsteps of famous people visiting Bolesławiec and living in Bolesławiec over the centuries (prince Bolesław the Tall, prince Bolesław the Horned, Martin Opitz - poet, prince Albrecht Wallenstein, King of Sweden Charles XII, King Frederick II, the Emperor Napoleon I, Field Marshal Kutuzov)

The route of architects and patrons

The nineteenth and early twentieth centuries went down in the history of Bolesławiec with many interesting architectural projects. The most important objects on the route: railway viaduct, house at ul. Zgorzelecka 19, the church of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, buildings at ul. Komuny Paryskiej 6 and 14, the streets: Willowa, Leśna, Obrońców Westerplatte; building of the Youth Cultural Center at ul. Grunwaldzka No. 5, former Masonic lodge - now Kindergarten No. 2 at ul. M. Brody 17, District Court building at ul. Sądowa, the Fernbach tenement house at ul. Mickiewicza 6a, a theatre at ul. Teatralna, Psychiatric and Neurological Provincial Hospital.

The trail of ceramists and sculptors

Bolesławiec has many centuries of ceramic traditions. They can be found in the collections of the Ceramics Museum and following in the footsteps of famous potters and ceramists: J.G. Joppe, W. Pukall and A. Hennig. The city also hosts the collection of outstanding sculptural works by famous artists: J.L. Weber, K.F. Schinkel, P. Breuer and J. Bary-Doussin, a citizen of Bolesławiec. The most important objects on the trail: Museum of Ceramics at ul. A. Mickiewicza 13, the former Royal Vocational School of Ceramics, the church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Nicholas, Castle Square, the Municipal Bathing Facilities, currently the Brine Baths at ul. Zgorzelecka.

In order to obtain OZB, you need to visit the following number of sightseeing objects

Appendix 2

"I know Bolesławiec" tourist and sightseeing badge design